An English Club is a place for language learners to use English in a casual setting. … In an English Club, you get a chance to practice different skills in a setting that is more like real life. A literacy club is space for learners to practice and develop their reading while harnessing their language skills. Thus, English clubs give students opportunities to practice English in a relaxed, informal environment, and to meet new people. Most importantly, the importance of English club in college is basically to improve and develop the four major English skills. Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. There are many reasons why English clubs can help learners of all ages and levels to improve their English. The most important reason is that they offer learners a chance to practice English by actually speaking it. There are other advantages, too. English clubs are less formal than a classroom setting.

Activities of Language / Literary Club:

  • Poetry presentation (Pen down the poem)
  • Short story presentation (Say the story)
  • Article Presentation (A themes is elaborated in the Article)
  • Criticism and Appreciation ( Dissect and Applaud)
  • Know the Writer
  • Know the Book

Specific Importance of English Club in College:

The English club has more specific importance in acquiring the following objectives:

A) Creating an atmosphere of ease and relaxation to practice English.

B) Helping learners use standard English in their practical life.

C) Increasing fluency accents and builds confidence to think and speak English.

D) To help them learn correct English pronunciation.

E) Giving the students freedom from conventional academic syllabi, exams and learning.

F) Integrating students’ talents, needs, and interest with the English teaching processes.

G) Helping them to gain courage through different activities.

H) Providing opportunities for students to improve listening skills and practice speaking interactively.

I) create opportunities for students to express their opinions.

J) To equip the learners with the necessary skills for external competitions.

K) To carry out cultural, academic and recreational activities in order to promote the use of the English language in the context of school.



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