Consumer Club

World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated based on former American President John.F.Kennedy’s announcement of March 15th as Consumer Rights Day on March 15th 1962. Subsequently in the year 1973, March 15th was proclaimed as world Consumer Rights Day. National Consumer day is celebrated on December 24th every year as the Consumer Protection Act 1986 came into force on 24.12.1986 across India.

Consumer Club of our college is established for the purpose of spreading the awareness about consumer rights amongst all consumer segments and to help consumers get justice when affected. The main objective of the club is to educate and motivate the consumer club members about the rights and responsibilities of consumers.

Mission of the Consumer Club

To spread awareness on consumer rights amongst all consumer segments especially among college students.

Vision of the Consumer Club

  • To enable students understand fundamental rights of a citizen and make them realize and learn the fundamental duties of a good citizen.
  • To inject knowledge and skills relating to consumers rights among students and to impart knowledge on product Quality, Standards and about markets.
  • To make them aware of laws enacted for protection and welfare of consumers and enforcement authorities concerned.

Duties of a Member

  • To learn and follow the traits of a responsible citizen and aware consumer.
  • To create awareness about the consumer court.
  • To disseminate information gained through the club among fellow students, parents, and other people in the community.
  • To observe all important international and national days especially Republic Day (26th January), National Consumer Day (24th December) and World Consumer Rights Day (15th March).
  • To treat all fellow customers with care, concern and responsibility.
  • Consumer awareness was given to the villages through N.S.S camp.

Common Violations of Consumer Rights

(1)Under weighing

(2) Adulteration

(3) Not providing proper bill

(4) Poor quality goods/spoilt/damaged goods 

(5) Poor maintenance

(6) Cheating on contract terms / hidden clauses in contract

(7) Price higher than Maximum Retail Price on cover (MRP)

(8) Forcing / misleading into buying unwanted goods

(9) Misleading advertisements, especially aimed at children

(10) Selling goods whose expiry date is over

(11) Bogus companies, who cannot be contacted after sales

(12) Overcharging of interest especially in credit purchase

(13) Dangerous, hazardous or unsafe goods.

(14) Deficient or discourteous service.

(15)Right to Safety

(16) Right to Information

(17) Right to choice

(18) Right to representation

(19) Right to Consumer Education

(20) Right to Healthy Environment

(21) Right to satisfaction etc

Activities of the club

The club organizes programmes like orientation, workshops, field visits, awareness meeting, awareness programmes for society and competitions both intra- and inter- collegiate level.



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